When can I check in my luggage?

When can I check in my luggage ?

This is a question that I often ask myself. You too? If you are too early, then you need to wait sometimes in uncomfortable situations, better to wait in the hotel or outside or ….

Why some airlines have a 24h check-in and others don’t, I don’t know and who cares? I do.

It is not clear on the website of airports and/or airlines, so I will try to help you further, based on my experience.

To make it easy for you and find it quickly, I split it up by airlines/country/city/airport/time before . The time when you can do the check- in when you fly with Airlines X from country X.

Brussels Airlines


Spain/Madrid/Adolfo Suarez Barajas : 2 hours before departure

Belgium/Brussels/Brussels Airport : more than 2 hours

Portugal/Porto/Francisco Sá Carneiro (OPO) : 2 hours before departure

Italy/Venice : 2 hours before departure

Czech Republic/Praha : 2 hours before departure



Belgium/Brussels/Brussels Airport : more than 2 hours

Aer Lingus


Belgium/Brussels/Brussels Airport : 2.5 hours

Ireland/Dublin/DublinAirport : you can use the ‘Evening Before’ Check

If your flight departs Dublin Airport between 06:00-08:00 in the morning, you can check in at the airport between 17:00-20:00 the evening before.

If your flight departs Cork Airport between 06:00-08:00 in the morning, you can check in at the airport between 16:00-19:30 the evening before.

This great service is available for both Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus Regional flights.

Each passenger needs to present themselves to check in and drop off bags but if you are travelling with immediate family, one member of the family can check in and drop bags for the group the evening before. Passports/ID cards are required for all passengers travelling, and must be presented the evening before.

Thai Airways International


Belgium/Brussels/Bangkok : 3 hours before departure – I advise you to be on time because the queue is long, very long


www.finnair.com see FAQ

Belgium/Brussels/Helsinki : 2 hours before departure

Finland/Helsinki : 2 hours before departure

At Helsinki airport, you can also bring your baggage to the bag drop the evening prior to departure, between 18:00 and 21:30 (6 and 9:30 PM). One member of your family can check in your entire family’s baggage, provided that he or she is in possession of all tickets and travel documents.

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