Why writing a blog?

The idea took place when I started my international career. I thought that I would experience a lot of funny things but is it like that?

Yes, there is a lot to say and to share and I try to post.

Some things are not so easy and don’t Under estimate some things when you start a blog.

such as :

Language – my native language or in English? I chose English because I think I can reach more people. The other difficulty is the time you need to invest in ‘trying’ to be grammatical correct. But I have 2 back grounds who will correct me if I write too much stupid things 🙂 – thanks both Lore’s

Time – the investigation is high if you combine it with a full-time job, not always connected with internet. Sometimes I put some ideas on a sheet to remind me. I don’t succeed to write on regular base a post, that means that I lose many things to share with you.

Content – what? I try to change my subjects and hope it will be interesting to read. I can’t stay only on one subject or is it better?

The blog himself – the time I lost to find out how this works when you are an uninitiated one, you have no idea…. Therefore, I advise you to take a copy or to prepare your content on a separate sheet, I already needed to begin from zero and then….

You may ask yourself now, why is she doing it further? Or will she stop? No, I’ve promised myself to share, so I will go on.



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