Qatar Airways


They claim that they are the best but …. are they?

I had the opportunity to fly in business with them and yes, I can confirm, they are just more than the other which are Lufthansa, Brussels Airlines, Emirates, Austrian, Swissair Airlines, etc.

As you know, you always receive ‘something’ such as a small bag, beauty bag, …

They gave me a beautiful hard case, a pyjama, just that little bit more.

The food and the presentation of it is more luxury…. no, not pepper and salt in a plastic small barrel but presented in nice metal one.

The food is very tasty and presented beautiful, it is really just better. I know I’m spoiled and that’s why I need you to tell it. I was really surprised. The crew is also extremely friendly what I can’t tell from everybody…

I’m curious to see if I will have the same experience next time and for sure I let you know.

I advise you to fly with them and to compare.

They are part of the one world group, together with Iberia.

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