3 Pavaru Restorans Riga


My partner was very excited to go with me in this restaurant because it is so special. Not cheap, but different. We didn’t have a place the evening we went, so we made a reservation for 2 days later. I strongly advise you to do that if you will have a place.

The evening we went, good on time, 7 pm, it looks all OK, unfortunately, in the first 5 minutes I was there, I was already disappointed.

The waiter was arrogant and that’s something that I hate and makes me rebellious . I always do my almost best to give the best service to my customers, so I expect the same thing from others. I pay their salary aswell as others pay mine, isn’t it?

The menu is not that extended and 1 main dish was not available, but they had an alternative, just twice the price! I was even more upset when my neighbor who came 1 hour later could just order it???? Is it because I was a foreigner?

And on top of that, a boy around 12 years old came in the restaurant to help a little bit. For sure, he was well dressed and just helped to clearing the table, but even then????

So no, it was a very disappointing situation and we come never again.

Can I say something positive? Yes I can.

The starter with very tasty bread and a drawing on your table makes it unique and special. I can say that this is their signature.

The open kitchen is in the middle of the restaurant and when you are single, you can eat at the border of it and have contact with them. That can give a very good experience.

Do you need to make a reservation? Maybe yes, just try and let me know. Maybe I was there on the wrong moment.

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