I am back!

Last week I was in the UK for a 1- training session and I was soooo sick….

It started already when I woke up on Sunday, a little bit sore throat, but I needed to help my daughter on some healthy food ( unbelievable if you know her ). I had only a short time to go shopping, to prepare something, to do this, to do that, when you are a mother, you perfectly understand me.

I came home the day before and needed to make my luggage for the day after, so running, running.

I was in the airport on Monday in the late afternoon and just before boarding, bam, a bloody nose, can you imagine? I was really scared, but everything went well.

Once arrived in the UK, my sore throat was heavy, late dinner with colleagues and a time difference of 1 hour

The day after, training – what means being very enthusiastic, talking and moving the whole day, an even later dinner,

Wake up the next day to have my taxi at 8am, tax-free shopping in Heathrow,

Plane at 11am, a head who was almost exploding during landing

Driving home for 1,5 hour,

Visiting my daughter again to help her for making her bed

And finally arriving at home at 3pm to fall down in the sofa, alone, trying to cure so that I could go to work on Monday for giving another training….

Being mother, wife, …. Beautiful but sometimes so hard, always being there for them

And I survived!!!!!!

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