You know that feeling if you see that clothing item she really wants ?

To give an idea of my daughter  : she becomes 30 years old this year, is single and lives about 5 km away from my place. She own an apartment ( and the bank of course…) and works as a marketer for a company who lets holiday homes in Belgium and France. What she exactly does is still not clear for me yet, but she loves her job and that’s the most important thing. She speaks 5 languages, travels as much as she can, lives from watching movies and series, wait for having a dog, is always on social media and she loves food…. And sometimes – sometimes????- she needs her mom.

Such as last Sunday, when she need help to change her bed linen. She is very smart but no handy if she has no interest in it. If you are a mom, you will recognize this.

Most interesting for her was to show what she has found on social media and to show how beautiful some things are. One of this was a denim jacket from H&M, her style, flowers, …

On Monday, I was in a big shopping center in France, with a H&M store, and what do I see???? That jacket! Totally unexpected because mostly these thing are sold out if some well-known blogger place it on Instagram.

And yes, mom fits it and buys it….

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