Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

Arrival in Terminal 2 and connection flight in Terminal 1.

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Today I took flight LH637, arrival at 6.30 am in Terminal 2.

My flight home ( Schengen – Brussels ) departed in Terminal 1.

It took me 1 hour ! My advise is at least take 2 hours when you have a connection flight in this airport.

  1. Take the SkyLine who comes every 100 seconds, I had the second one.
  2. Passportcontrol. If you are an European Citizen and you have a biometric passport, you can use the scanner.
  3. The security check is extremely long, always. I don’t know one airport who can compete. They take time – to chat with each other and not to control – even when the queue is long, they don’t care.

The business lounge is at your left after leaving the security check.

A second business lounge in terminal 1 A gates is near to gate 13. Another one is at gate 26, one level up. Senator lounges are at gate A26 and A50.

The staff is very unfriendly in the entire airport, if it is possible, I avoid to take this hub. Unfortunately, it is not always possible today, but I hope for some competition from other airports in the future. Maybe this will help…


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