Do you wear an abaya in Saudi Arabia?

I was in Riyadh and yes, every woman that I’ve seen was dressed with an abaya, black colour. Only once I saw an abaya with a grey part, some abaya’s are very beautiful, with pearls or with lace. Mine is decorated with a piece of embroidery let in in the front, at the back and on the sleeve. The tissue is very beautiful as well. My colleague bought me that dress in Dubai. The abaya was much too long for me and it was struggling to survive in the airport with all my luggage. My advice is to shorten it before you travel…. and not as me doing it in the middle of the night, with the thread you can find and coloring it with a black marker….. yes that’s what I did to protect myself of stumbling the next day!

March 19th 2018

Today, I saw in the newspaper that it is not necessary anymore to wear an abaya in SA? If someone can confirm this, I and other women will be happy to hear it from you! Please let it know by writing a comment.

So that means that, just a few weeks after wearing my beautiful abaya I  don’t need him anymore if I go again, just unbelievable, but a really different for the people who live there. I’m very interested to hear more about that. Are they happy? This will change their lives totally. Some expat told me that SA woman don’t have the problem in the morning to decide which cloths they put on, something that can be very difficult for us, women who not wear this kind of cloths. Looking forward to follow-up this situation and if it will be accepted.

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